Angelo Giorgio Cazzaniga

"My jewels are mirrors in which I try to seize and reflect the beauty that I see around me " (Angelo Giorgio Cazzaniga)

Angelo Giorgio Cazzaniga is born in Rome on 14 July 1908.

He spends his childhood and early adolescence in the villa belonging to Prince Abamelek Lasarev, cousin of Tsar Nicholas II, because his father, Luigi Cazzaniga, manages the prince's estate.

The Russian prince and patron's vast collection of works of art has its effect on the young Angelo Giorgio. The art around him holds an irresistible fascination for him and inevitably informs his artistic training, guiding it towards a sophisticated eclecticism.

1929 is the year in which he officially opens Cazzaniga Jewellery to the public. His premises are located in the heart of Rome, at 67, via della Stamperia, near Fontana di Trevi. His windows are alight with exclusive creations that immediately win the approval of a large clientele. The swirls of different shapes and colours causing a sensation in a market that is still crystallized by the gelid tones of the mode blanche.

Within Angelo Giorgio Cazzaniga's designs, the decoration of each piece of jewellery reflects a complex fusion of references passing uninterruptedly from Grecian and Roman art to that of the Baroque, Renaissance and Byzantine while maintaining a constant unifying motif in the artistic and architectonic layering of Rome.

His compacts, made in the so-called 'coffered style', cleverly evoke the ceilings by Bernini in the Royal Staircase of the Apostolic Palace at the Vatican, and the Cazzaniga masks, pendants made from red gold, sapphires, rubies and emeralds, reproduce the grotesque faces typical of the paintings and sculpture of the Mannerist period.

The success of Cazzaniga Jewellery soon attracts the attention of the worlds of fashion and art, bringing Angelo Giorgio prestigious collaborations with the abstract artist Carla Accardi, the Fontana sisters and with Princess Irene Galitzine.

Glimpses, fleeting visions and brief views of a city that the artist enriches with exotic suggestions of the Byzantine: Angelo Giorgio Cazzaniga picks up and exalts the Mediterranean spirit that pervades Rome - its indolent luminosity that provokes reflection and dreaminess - and catches it in works of rare beauty.