Cazzaniga Baroque

Eclecticism and experimentalism: from the Nineteen Forties onwards, eclecticism and experimentalism are the guiding principles by which Angelo Giorgio Cazzaniga creates jewellery. He designs pieces that represent the perfect synthesis of artistic elements belonging to different times and varied cultures: notes of the Renaissance, Byzantine richness, Baroque euphoria and elements of the Orient. The complexity of the designs and ornamentation and the abundance of gold and coloured stones create a wonderful vortex that pays a clear tribute to movement and vitality. Cazzaniga Baroque is the product of this whirlwind of influences and offers a fascinating game of light and colour to a refined public able to appreciate its many cultural references. In a blaze of shapes and colours, fantasy is turned into concrete reality, sculpted in engraved gold's chromatic palette set off with its many variants and shining with a rainfall of stones, enamels and diamonds.
Over the last thirty years, Paolo Cazzaniga, son of Angelo Giorgio, has been innovating his father's style to meet the demands of contemporary taste. He has widened the range of materials used and begun to combine them in new and exciting ways. Bringing ever-greater lightness to the structures, he has made them almost evanescent; while, introducing new and exotic themes, he has deliberately drawn on the oriental artistic tradition. What is more, he manages to transform the jewel into a precious casket, hiding ingenious mechanical devices and technical brilliance, marrying it with glamour and elegance. Rings, brooches, perfume bottles, necklaces, earrings and cufflinks: the variety of Cazzaniga Jewellery's production appears infinite; the only limit to the ideas springing from the concept of the jewel seems to be the boundless imagination of the designer. Through the age old technique of incision, the pursuit of energy and movement is turned into a splendid blend of fantasy and sensuality, in a sophisticated folly designed to accompany and compliment the perfect proportions of the human body.