15/07/2013 - 15/08/2013

Antiquariato del ‘900. Dal Liberty agli anni Cinquanta. Gioielli (Edizioni Il Sole 24 Ore) - Cazzaniga Jewellery in the History of Art

«[…] In these years [1940’s and 50’s] the Italian public is presented with the “Cazzaniga style”: jewellery with its own particular physiognomy (Rome, since 1927). The innovative aspect of Cazzaniga jewellery comes from the multicoloured palette of precious stones and valuable enamels on backgrounds of guillochés or light, balanced engraving, which give the objects their high-spirited elegance. It is an extremely attractive production, due to the strength of expression of the gold in its various tonalities and the rapid rhythm of the undulating surfaces flecked with gems that generate a colourful and variegated intertwining. However, it is undisputedly the gold itself that plays the leading role. Still drawing on Parisian origins, it maintains its driving force through the superlative dictates of fashion and the jewel. Despite marks of great originality and creative research, for the most part Italian production does not disassociate itself entirely from French influence. But by now the time is ripe for a radical change of sensitivity, and for a revolution in style. […]».

(R. Capuano, Gioielli, 2013, p. 82)