1) DATA PROTECTION Dear User, This document, the "Privacy Policy" of the website, is provided pursuant to Art. 13 of the Personal Data Protection Code (Leg. Decree 196 of 2003), regarding the use of your personal data in relation to the consultation of the above website. In particular, the information contained herein has the purpose of providing explanations on the modalities, timing and the nature of such information that the data controller must supply to the user when they visit their web pages, independently of the purposes of connection. This code only relates to the website and the activities of Cazzaniga Paolo s.a.s. and not for any other websites that might be consulted by the user through links and/or activities realised by third parties.

2) THE DATA CONTROLLER AND USE OF DATA The website's main function is informing users of activities conducted by Cazzaniga Paolo s.a.s. Hence, for the most part, there is no processing of personal data. In some cases, in order to allow or facilitate a request for specific information on the activities carried out by Cazzaniga Paolo s.a.s., the user may be requested to fill in a form supplying personal data. In these cases, privacy information will be given, specifying the use of the data as required by law. Furthermore, in certain cases in which personal data are required for other purposes, this will be clearly stated in the legal information preceding the personal data form, so that the user is assured full transparency and awareness. The data controller is Cazzaniga Paolo s.a.s. whose registered office is at Passeggiata di Ripetta, 18 - 00186, Rome (Italy). The website is hosted by 9Net S.r.l. 
3) DATA PROCESSING LOCATION Processing connected to the aforementioned site is carried out in the abovementioned registered office of the data controller and processed by the data controller, by persons charged with such processing, or persons engaged on an occasional basis for maintenance operations. The website is hosted by companies that have been checked in advance for conformity by the company. 
4) TYPES OF DATA PROCESSED 4.1) Navigation Data During normal operations, the IT systems and the software used for the web portal acquire some personal data, which are implicitly transferred during the use of Internet communication products. 4.2) Data Provided Voluntarily by Users Personal data sent voluntarily to this company by visitors to the site will be processed according to the principles of accuracy, lawfulness and transparency, for the protection of privacy and the rights of the interested party. As per Articles 13 and 130 of the Privacy Code, the appropriate information will be supplied to the user who is sending data, and in the cases in which it is requested; a special consent form will be provided. Data requiring explicit permission will be processed by our company only on receipt of the express agreement of the interested party. Data subject to processing are exclusively general data.
5) FINALITIES Personal data (hereafter simply referred to as "data") may be used for commercial and promotional purposes and for market research regarding customer satisfaction and to identify potential customers for products and services, as well as delivering - by letter, telephone, fax, computer systems, etc. - information either of a technical and/or general nature or of a commercial and/or promotional nature of our company's products or parties charged with such, to whom the data will be transferred to such an end. Data voluntarily provided by interested parties can be communicated to third parties, as indicated in the code adopted by the company. The optional, explicit and voluntary sending of an email to the addresses indicated in this site entails subsequent acquisition of the sender's address, which is needed to reply to requests, and of any other data included in the email. Summary information on privacy will be indicated or displayed from time to time in the pages of the site referring to specific services that might be implemented in the future. 
7) CHOICE OF DATA PROVISION Unless specified by navigation data, the visitor is free to supply personal data. Furthermore, the user may send suggestions and comments to specified addresses. 
8) PROCESSING MODALITIES In all cases, in addition to obligations of an ethical nature, the processing of data will be carried out in compliance with the previsions in Art. 11 of the Privacy Code and may be effected manually or with the help of computer or telephonically. Data might be filed as hard copies as well as in an electronic archive in order to allow the location and selection of grouped data where necessary and for a period not exceeding the time necessary for processing. Following periodic checks, the data controller will verify the continued absolute need for processed data with respect to the obligations and the finalities of processing. Specific security measures have been put in place to prevent the loss of data or the illicit or incorrect use of data, and to prevent unauthorised access. 
9) COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION OF DATA Personal data belonging to the interested party is not meant to be disseminated, unless specifically requested by the Interested party. 
10) INCONSISTENCIES WITH RESPECT TO THIS POLICY (LOYALTY) The present document has been compiled so as best to answer the need for transparency and reliability for users who connect to the web pages of the site, with particular reference to the safeguard of privacy of the information supplied. Should you encounter difficulties or inconsistencies with the content of the website and what is here stated, we would ask you to inform us at
11) CHANGES TO POLICY This “Privacy Policy” regulates the modalities of processing personal data supplied by the user during the navigation of the site. Should new norms concerning the sector come into effect, such as the constant updating of services destined for the user, it might be necessary to alter said modalities. It is therefore possible that our policy undergoes changes over time and we would therefore invite the user to consult these pages regularly. 
12) RIGHTS OF INTERESTED PARTIES The rights of interested parties are stated in Article 7 of the Data Protection Notice. Processing of data, the object of this code, is the responsibility of Cazzaniga Paolo s.a.s.. Requests of access to data as per Art. 7 of the Data Protection Notice can be made to the data controller at the registered office: Cazzaniga Paolo s.a.s., Passeggiata di Ripetta, 18 - 00186 Roma – tel. 06-3207663 / fax 06-3613202 We would request that the user indicates in the Subject Box that the email concerns a request regarding Art. 7 of the Privacy Code.